Long Format


Handmade bricks, the long format range, are a range of bricks with long sizes, totally different from the usual.

Ladrillo Manual Destonificado Superlargo

The tradition to
service of modernity

Following the traditional ceramic craftsmanship, the long format bricks are manufactured following the same concepts that master potters have used for centuries.

Ladrillo Manual Rojo Superlargo
Ladrillo Manual Destonificado Superlargo

Diversity of shades

The long format bricks range, has a wide variety of shades. From white to black. Even going through a variety in the set that make each work a marvel.

Multiple sizes of
long format bricks

The standard size of long format bricks is 500x100x40mm, but we have sizes in a range from 500mm to 1 meter in length.

Ladrillo Manual Gris Superlargo


Check out our wide variety of long format bricks shades. They won't let you down.